Friday, April 24, 2009


I can't believe I haven't done a post here in 25 days! That's awful.

There are reasons.

1) Yuna was here. We has a blast! (Granted she's been gone for 12 days, but who's counting?)

2) It's difficult to write really personal stuff like what's posted here. That's part of why I dropped the memoir book some of the original posts came from.

3) I've been trying to ready that interview, only to realize something about myself - I'm a crappy interviewer. I can't think of questions to ask. So I'm going to ask this person if s/he will just do a post instead.

So that's it. Tomorrow (when I have more than 2 hours sleep) I will do a real post. In the meantime, what sort of questions do you have about what being handicaped is like?


  1. Interviewee here. How about...people on here could come up with questions and I can answer them? I can give quite a lot of details, about my condition, when I got it, how it affects me, but I'm sure some of you will come up with ideas that I think of as normal things to do but to others they aren't.

    So, fire away and I shall answer!

    Note: I actually don't like being anonymous most of the time, but this is to keep what goes on here separate from other blogs I may have. At times like this, I feel anonymous is ok.

  2. That sounds great, provided readers are willing to jump in with questions.

  3. Hmm, questions? Do you ever feel sorry for yourself? Or have you in the past? Do you get angry with people who want to give you special treatment?

    I understand that you haven't posted. I'm just glad you're still going to!

  4. Sarah, please could you set up a post for this? Then I'll answer questions as people think of them (and I'll start with your posts Glam)