Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How often do you think about . . .

. . . clipping your nails?
Most people don't think about it, even when they're doing it. Unfortunately, it's something I have to think about on a regular basis. Like whenever my nails start to grow.
Toenails are no problem. I can deal with those easily enough. My fingernails on the other hand (yes, pun intended), not so easy. I basically have 3 choices when it comes to them:
1) Have surgery to make my toes more flexible so they can work the clippers or scissors.
2) Ask someone to cut them for me.
3) Bite them off whenever they start to grow.
Since I don't have the money for number one and refuse to let anyone other than a relative do number two, I am a nail biter. I can't even begin to tell you how many people have determined that my nail biting is a nervous habit (including an FBI profiler that stayed at the hotel I used to work at). It's quite amusing really.
What brought this post idea on? One of the comments in the previous post (by Lady Glamis) mentioned forgetting I only had one arm when she met me and it brought a very vivid memory to mind.
Every few weeks when I was little, my mom would sit us down and cut our fingernails. After she finished with my right hand, she would reach for my other hand and laugh and blush when there wasn't a hand there to take.
To me, there is no higher praise than someone forgetting about my missing hand. I don't ever want that to be my one defining characteristic. Although, I don't think my friends who set me up on blind dates will ever stop telling the guys to look for Captain Hook's great-granddaughter. It's tradition by now :D


  1. I noticed you biting your nails when we were out there, but it didn't even register to me why you would have to do that. Duh! *smacks forehead*

    I used to be a nail biter. I loved it. I have no idea why. But I broke myself of the habit years ago. I also have two hands, which allows me to break the habit. You have every reason in the world to keep doing it! I say bite away!

    And sorry for saying "arm" in my last comment rather than "hand" - that was not said accurately. May I ask how many tasks you accomplish with your toes?

  2. Glam, you're not the only one, like I said. I'd think an FBI profiler makes good company :)

    Many people say arm instead of hand. No biggie. Doesn't bother me in the slightest.

    Ummm . . . Do you really want a list? I can pick things up (pencil or paper too), unlock and open doors, brush my hair, eat (holding the spoon; every time I try a fork I stab myself :D), paint my fingernails, tie shoes and I can write with my toes. Obviously that's not everything, but the ones most people think are coolest.